Pretty Much The Story:
Our pond is green, I’ll treat it again,
The fish are addicted to the additive
My garden now is full of weeds,
Took 2 days off of caring for seeds.
The chickens have been hiding their eggs,
I’ve sprayed bug spray all over my legs,
I’m going back out in the summer heat
To perform the needed feat
Of moving the horses to better feeding,
It’s no wonder my checkbook is bleeding,
I’m using the blue kote and the ivomec,
The selinium, and the wonder tech,
The best of diatomacious earth, and the
Super flexible saddle girth.
My leg is bruised, I just found a tic,
My shirt’s caught on barbed wire, I tripped on a stick.
Where is my shovel? Where is my rake?
My guy wants to move a harmless snake.
I’ll go get some a/c, and take a nap..
What’s that! Something just sprung the trap!
*I’ll sleep tonight and dream again….
Of the horses running, the sweet goats in the pen,
The tiny baby chickens warm in your hand,
The bunnies hopping all over the land…
The stars, the breeze, the garden, the hay,
And wake up to the plan the farm has today.


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