Farmhouse Kitchen, Launch the Renovation

So, there hasn’t been any plan for a fancy renovation of our kitchen.  It’s more of an opportunity to up-do some things brought on by the fact that we have damage under our kitchen floor, which will have to be pulled up and re-done, and we need a little more convenience space.

Here are the ‘Before’ pictures.  Yes, its pretty messy, but I have to be truthful, it’s a farm house kitchen, there is usually a lot going on in this room, so its ordinary status is messy.

What I would like to do is- 1. Take out the wall to the left of the silver refrigerator, that will open this to our dining / living area and really expand our space.  2.  Turn the cabinet beside the silver refrigerator into an island on wheels.  3. Replace the floor.  4. Paint.

I will keep a diary of this as we go along.  (I am Sooooooo Tired of not having the kitchen floor in one piece, and that tarp!!)



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