The Fancy Chicken Baby Maker

FB_IMG_1471473918298My husband is pretty good with the incubator. He’s put in the time to figure out what works, what doesn’t, and how much attention it really needs.  He has hatched out some beautiful Americauna babies over the past two years, and seems to have a knack for taking care of them, from the tiniest newbie to the three week growth spurt, and into pretty adulthood.

Our daughter wants him to put this talent to good use and hatch some ” fancy chickens”, so we’re going to give it a try.  I came by some white silkies pretty inexpensively. They’ve gotten those gorgeous blue markings on their faces, and are just now 6 months old.

My Silkies, Sussy, Bev,and Sue, named after my three dear sisters in law, have distinct personalities.  Sue, the rooster, is a nervous sort. I walked in the coop one day when he had just learned to get up on the roost. As I approached to congratulate him, he got so flustered he fell off the roost.  Sussy is the most sociable, and usually the first willing to eat out of my hand. Bev will run around behind me, I guess so I won’t look at her, and she is the shyest by far.

Of the “fancies”, the funniest is Plum. He is one of a pair of Salmon Faverolles my husband got as a gift. Plum is a baby still, but growing into a nice size fat rooster.  Despite his size, he is so shy that he hides his head under his mate when we come in the coop. When you pick him up, he is docile ans sweet, but always looking for his lady.  

So we’ll include their eggs in the experiment when they start laying.  Fingers crossed, I’m dreaming of a coop full of fluffy entertaining babies.


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