The Mighty Pen

My 79 year old father is still working. Despite knowing much more than your average senior about social media, he always uses a yellow legal pad and a pen. Only. Always.

The legal pad and the pen have gotten him through many a professional move. His polite brushing aside of the tech of the day over the past 60 years or so hasn’t held him back.

I thought of this today when my iPad and my old computer failed me at the same time. I use them to look up dosages for animals, whether you can use ivomec to worm kittens, how to tell if your goat has a twin baby inside her, and how to treat a horse with moon blindness, for writing and for a myriad of other things.

I literally suffered through moments of exasperation and self pity before I realized I had books and paper. Egads.

When I was teaching adults to train others, I would always tell them,

“Do not rely solely on your computer, your PowerPoint, your mic! Rely on yourself and your ability to deliver the material effectively.”

…This after I had witnessed the embarrassing spectacle at a costly national convention, no less, of a “professional” wasting the time of a room full of people because her PowerPoint wouldn’t work. She stood there messing with it, as though the audience wasn’t there, for at least 20 minutes.  Her job was to be sharing her material in any effective way she could, including tap dancing.

Now that I am a farm servant, I have thought,on certain messy, heavy jobs, there must be a better way. There may be – a better way – to do everything.

Even if there is,  the  point is to get the job done, correctly, with what you have available to you. I’ve got my legal pad in hand.



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