Snake Snakety Snake Squirrel



Dear Husband,

Seeing as how you have the snake jeebies, I want to warn you that there is a 3 foot long kingsnake right there in the pen where we have the recuperating chicken.

I greeted him with a shriek this a.m. when I saw him hanging on the chain link at about eye level.  He took himself off toward the back and we both went on about our business.

Also our squirrels are at it again. There is one whole laying box in the back with a bunch of broken up and eaten eggs.  Even our neighbors hen, who kindly laid her eggs here in our woodpile, is sitting on nothing now. Her nest has been ravaged, and no babies to show for all the time she sat.

We’ve been gone a total of 3 days. I can see we’re going to have to hire security.



4 thoughts on “Snake Snakety Snake Squirrel

  1. I used to have squirrels come into back room through sliding glass door for peanuts. Each seems to have a unique personality. Some would take one from my hand, others waited till I was not in the room. Once they ate through the screen and raided the bag on the chair. Shakey would rattle several peanuts before making his choice. Speedy would dart in , grab one and race out. The thief would get a peanut only by taking one from the paws of another squirrel. Then they also waited for Emily, the Alpha female to make her choice first. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.


    1. Carl, that is so cute! I can just picture them. No doubt every animal is so different. I love the way ‘the thief’ got his nuts! Maybe if we paid more attention to animal behavior, we wouldn’t be shaking our heads about humans so much. G


  2. I hate snakes and have never heard of squirrels eating chicken eggs. I sure hope they don’t start here. As for snakes, the only good one is a dead one at my house. I’m scared to death of them!!


    1. I agree Rita, I’m not too fond of snakes either, but they do keep the rodent population in check. The squirrels, I actually caught them, there is a squirrel nest in a big tree behind the chicken coop. I looked it up, and, sure enough, they aren’t opposed to eating eggs. I’ve since moved my chickens to remove this temptation. I hope they don’t start at your place either!


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