Break Time: Daily Farmilies…


Tie out all 3 ponies to new grass – CHECK

Try to outsmart a very smart little boer goat and end up chasing him for 20 minutes-CHECK

Manage to corral his sister using a fishing net-CHECK– (woot, yay me!) –

Make sure ponies aren’t spooked by dogs running up and down the road behind them Following a 4-wheeler- CHECK! –

Got the donkeys their hay so they would stop making noises akin to the blast horn on a freighter- CHECK

Threaten to make one of those “real cat hair” dolls from Korea out of the Siamese cat if he puts his claws in my legs one more time- CHECK

Sit among these pine trees on this beautiful day with my dog napping just off to my left, watching those ponies graze, and all quiet, No one could write a check for that much.


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