The Dirty Dirt

I’m a professional, so don’t try to stop me!  I’m a professional procrastinator, professional at falling in love with animals and projects and forgetting that those things take actual energy, and professional at taking to my gut all the little things that happen every day,   Losing your keys, not being able to find a comb, leaving your car windows down when it rains, that kind of stuff.

I’ve learned:

Most things are not what they appear to be at first glance,

You aren’t supposed to beat yourself up, but you probably will,

Little decisions are huge, YUGE!

Little decisions about whether to acknowledge someone, whether to make an assumption, whether to take the low road make and break everything about the quality of your life.

We all have decisions to make this week about the heartbreaking things being served up to us minutely on shattered glass.  Voices of reason, drowned out by tears and anger…I wonder if our biological human minds are able to cope with the havoc we see.  We only have decisions, little, tiny ones,  to count on.

I scooped up this supposed know how from being recycled, from ending up now where I am, one with sweat, dirt, commitment and privilege.  More about that later. Dirt, I mean.







One thought on “The Dirty Dirt

  1. Hi Gretchen! First, thanks for the follow. Although I’m taking a break from blogging right now, I hope to get back to it soon. Love your writing and your photos! Good luck on your new blogging journey.


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